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The Hostel

Mavrodimos Guesthouse was built in 1985 and uniquely combines tradition with comfort and modern comforts. Located at the entrance of Agoriani (just 2 minutes from the main square), the place where it is built offers the visitor a gorgeous view of the mountains of the area.

Made in a unique way, all in the spirit of the traditional architecture of the place.

The exterior and interior decoration has been treated with great care and exudes a warm and elegant feeling.


Here the visitor can enjoy our hospitality by admiring the individually crafted wooden details, encircled with notes of modern aesthetics. In the tavern area you can enjoy traditional flavors around the central fireplace, embrace the enchanting scenery.


Mavrodimos Guesthouse is an ideal destination for all those who want to combine the beauty of nature with their comfortable stay and leave to the warmth offered by its rooms, decorated with taste and traditional luxury. With traditional furnishings, a large reception area, a lounge with traditional fireplace, a restaurant, a bar and a magnificent view of the lush landscape of Parnassus. Their distinctive decoration exudes a unique sense of hospitality in every corner. All rooms draw inspiration from traditional designs. All rooms have their own bathroom with 24-hour hot water, central heating with a magnificent view of the mountain. The lofts have a special romantic atmosphere. The colors, textiles, materials, different wooden ceilings in the rooms, make up a setting that makes the visitor feel at home as if he were in his home. The breakfast, always in the care of Ms. Voula, consists of a buffet including, among other things, homemade pies and jams, vegetables and fruits of our own, depending on the season, as well as local honey from Parnassos Mountain or Giona Mountain.


The guesthouse and the restaurant were completely renovated in 2008 and now at 2018 we started renovate the decoration of the rooms!

Παρνασσος , αγόριανη, Σκι , ξενοδοχειο, ξενώνας , ταβέρνα


Only for 2 person , double bed , big bath, tv set , internet .

Price: 60 € per night (including breakfast)

Παρνασσος , αγόριανη, Σκι , ξενοδοχειο, ξενώνας , ταβέρνα

1st floor Rooms with Balcony


For 2,3 or 4 person , double bed , big bath, tv set , internet .

Start Price: 60 € per night including breakfast (for 2 person room in winter and about 40 € at summer)

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