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“Mavrodimos” restaurant has been operating since 1985. It is a family business of the family of Mavrodimos. It is located in the same place as the hostel and it is open all year, winter and summer. In our restaurant you will taste dishes of genuine local cuisine, cooked food or time, hunting (wild boar, hare, etc.), delicious pies, homemade sweets and much more. And of course, you can accompany your dishes with lovely local wine or any other wine you prefer from our cellar. All dishes are prepared with the care and the mastery of Mr. Thymios and Mrs. Voula. Try our special beef specialties with quince, hare, chickpeas with mushrooms and hunting wild boar or roe deer.

Παρνασσος , αγόριανη, Σκι , ξενοδοχειο, ξενώνας , ταβέρνα


Agoriani (Eptalofos)


The village situates in the north side of Parnassus mountain and overlooks Kallidromos and Zitouni mountains. It is 180 km far from Athens, 22 km from Arachova, 30 from Delphi. Also 18 km from Parnassos Ski Center. Surrounded by spruce and deciduous trees, watered by many springs with cool and pungent waters.


The village that the Muses danced to the choir for the sake of God Apollo.


The village with the seven hills, and the shade of a holm tree, a plane tree or an elm, they stood up and wrote masterpieces of great men of spirit and science.


The village, which harmoniously combines the partridge and the eagle with the man, who gave birth and nurtured a Nikephoros, Tilemachos and Nikitas in the years of the National Resistance against Nazis.


Come to the village and you will feel privileged if you could live for a while in the Ground Paradise.


These words are pompous, but they are poor and impotent to give the real image and do not condone the splendor of an Agoriani with a rich history and richness of natural beauty.


Local Flavors & Products


Enjoy delicious specialties and delicacies such as the delicious konotsouvli and the kokoretsi, at the taverns and restaurants of the area. Local cuisine is particularly rich and will satisfy even the most demanding.


Agoriani is known for its traditional products such as beans that have received silver medal at the International Fair Grounds, tomatoes, excellent honey, tea, cherries, walnuts, apples and famous cheese products.


Cultural events


In the municipality of Parnassos there are many religious-cultural events.

During the summer months, cultural events take place.

Feast of Agia Paraskevi on July 26


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